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Soulfull Tones is a beautiful collection of soft poems and prayers to help you connect to the Holy Spirit and embrace the Divine Energy within. You can find prayers for different occasions and different times of the day - prayer to begin your day with love, prayer before going to sleep, prayer to bless the food you're going to eat, prayer for the miracles, prayer for departed loved ones, prayer to connect with your soul etc. The poems in this little book are also focused on connecting with the energy of the Soul- = love, peace and abundance and will leave you feel so calm and full of gratitude. The aim of this book is to bring you peace and support on your journey - grounding you in knowing that everything is going to be fine, that you are always protected, always supported by the Universe, by Divine energy and that you are in the perfect place here and now. The author of the book - Maria Kozak - is a young and professional yoga and meditation teacher. She's been practicing natural healing medicine for years now, her creations are focused on sharing love and peace and the poetry she writes is making you feel connect to the infinite divine space that each of us holds within.

Soulfull Tones - a collection of soft poems & prayers

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