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About Me

My name is Maria and I am here to bring
more peace, love & relaxation into your life :)

I was born in Poland, but I can gladly call myself a "world citizen" since I've traveled to many countries around the world and have also been living in China, Philippines, Malaysia, Spain
and currently in the UK.

I have been deeply passionate about yoga, meditation, and all the natural ways of healing
for over 6 years now.

I discovered the true power of meditation when
I was studying in China, trying to find something that could help me with anxiety and
sleep problems. Meditation turned out to be
incredibly healing for my body and mind.


A few months after learning and exploring more about the ancient wisdom of yoga, developing my deep appreciation for the practice, and discovering so many benefits of it, I decided to change my "career path" and instead
of becoming a translator and working in China (or some office in Europe), I chose to follow
Yogic path, listening to my Soul's voice

and finding ways of how I can share
my knowledge and healing skills with others.


I'm also interested in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, massage, and plant medicine.
I believe we are capable of healing ourselves naturally and I
 would love to show you how :))

"Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up
our hearts and focus our awareness
so that we can know
what we already know
and be who we already are."


QUALIFICATIONS: 200h Yoga Teacher Training with Siddhi Yoga (India),
Courses: Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health, The Science of Well-being,
Everyday Chinese Medicine, Alternate Therapies

How I can help You on Your journey

  • teaching you powerful breathing techniques to focus, relax and awaken,
    incredibly helpful with stress management and anxiety


  • deepening your meditation practice by learning new techniques to relax fully and let go of any stress and tension, guiding you through different themes of meditation with
    my gentle & soft, healing voice :)


  • bringing more peace into your life through consistent practice of yoga - different poses to heal any muscle pain and tension, different yoga styles for balance, strengthening and stretching the body, and relaxing the mind completely (you will see the results after the first class!)

  • supporting your healing process - through different mindfulness practices and
    1:1 mentorship sessions I guide you to re-discover your soul's purpose, I help you deal with overwhelming emotions and trauma healing, I teach you how to let go of ego- attachment and totally surrender to the Soul - Divine presence within.


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