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I'm Maria, a natural healing therapist
and I’m here to help You find true relaxation and peace, release mental, emotional, and physical pain
through yoga, mobility,

breathing and meditation practices.
With over 4 years of teaching experience, I
've worked extensively
with individuals suffering from injuries such as neck, back, knee, and hip pain, offering them gentle

and effective techniques for healing, improving their mobility, strength
and flexibility.

Additionally, I've had the privilege
of working with children, introducing them 
to the profound benefits
of mindfulness 
from an early age.

My ultimate goal is to bring peace
and relaxation into people's lives, guiding them towards natural methods of healing for both their body and mind.

By combining the power of yoga
and meditation, I help individuals to unlock their inner potential, overcome pain, and discover a new sense
of well-being.

If you're seeking a compassionate
and experienced teacher who can help you heal, find balance and improve your
overall quality of life,
I'm here to guide you on your journey
a healthier, more relaxed self.


Get to Know Us


I've always been a very active person, who loved sport and movement,
and was also connected to my spiritual part...
However, I didn't discover 
the power of yoga and meditation practice until I was really struggling with stress, anxiety, insomnia and additional digestive issues.

I'm originally from Poland, but currently live in the UK.
I always loved travelling and learning new languages, that's why I chose Chinese as my major, and after 3 years of studying, I decided to go
to China and explore the world on my own.
Unfortunately, the first few months there were really difficult for me.

I was constantly struggling with anxiety and nervousness, I was very stressed (even though I didn't really know why, everything seemed to be fine),
I started having problems with falling asleep, and additionally I was experiencing a daily physical pain in my stomach, connected to digestive issues. I tried so many things and nothing seemed to be helping.

I was feeling so lonely, crying almost every day
and just wanted to go back home...

I knew I had to do something to help myself. I decided to work on my sleep problems first and that's how I discovered GUIDED MEDITATIONS.
I was actually really surprised at how easily I could fall sleep while listening to these calming and relaxing meditations.

I also started incorporating Yoga Practice into my daily routine.
Before, I used to do yoga when I was at high school and uni, but I was only doing the faster-paced Vinyasa classes and "hot yoga" focused on the physical benefits.
When I actually started exploring more about the ancient wisdom of Yoga,
developing my deep appreciation for the practice, I started discovering so many benefits of it.

I finally decided to change my "career path" and instead of becoming a translator/business advisor and working in China (or some office in Europe), I chose to follow the Yogic path, listening to my inner intuition and finding ways of how I can share my knowledge and healing skills with others.

The year of 2020 was the time when I was "forced" to stay at home most of the time (covid..;)) and finally got the space to explore my passions and connect deeper with

the practice of Yoga.

This is also when I started my social media "Gently Speaking"

- sharing more about how to reduce stress and anxiety in healthy ways and also got the inspiration to start recording my meditations - that's how my YouTube channel started.. Now I also share yoga practices, breathing exercises and easy tips to live with less stress and more freedom - CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR FREE CLASSES!

In the beginning of 2021, I moved to Liverpool, UK, where I'm currently living.

I've completed my 200h Yoga Teacher Course (with Siddhi Yoga from India) 

and done several courses on mental health & yoga therapy.

Currently I share weekly Yoga & Meditation sessions for small groups, 1:1 classes with personal guidance and organise face-to-face and online events, sharing about how to use the mindfulness practices and the power of inner awareness to overcome fear, anxiety, stress, any pain and any difficulties in life.

I'm also interested in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, massage, and plant medicine.

I believe we are capable of healing ourselves naturally and I would love to show you how :)) '


Thank You for being here and reading my story! Look below at how

I can help You on Your Journey.


"Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up
our hearts and focus our awareness
so that we can know
what we already know
and be who we already are."


200h Yoga Teacher Training with Siddhi Yoga (India),
- Courses: Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health
- The Science of Well-being,
- Everyday Chinese Medicine
- Alternate Therapies and how to use them to heal





We start with a FREE 30-min consultation call or meeting
to see if we are a good fit for each other,
You tell me more about your goals and current struggles and I share more about the practices that might help you.
Then I create a sessions plan according to your needs
and we schedule the dates and time for our classes.




We meet for an online or face-to-face session.
This is an introduction class - for you to see how 
the sessions work and for me to see your level 
and how you feel with my guidance and how I can
best assist you. We also set specific goals of what
you're expecting to get and improve on.
Remember that this is a safe space and I will make
sure that you feel most supported and comfortable.



After intro session, we schedule weekly classes to keep working on your goals and improving your practice.
Some of the goals can be: establishing daily healthy routines that help you feel more calm and balanced,
strengthening your body on a physical level, working on improving your flexibility and mobility,
establishing a more advanced meditation practice,
and learning how to manage stress and anxiety in healthy ways. Remember that I will try my best to design each session to best suit your unique needs.


Gently Speaking 1:1 sessions are perfect for those who:


  • struggle with stress and anxiety on a daily basis,

  • feel a strong impact of negative thinking patterns and limiting beliefs in their lives,

  • want to learn how to control their thoughts and emotions in healthy ways,

  • are just starting their spiritual journey and need some guidance,

  • are going through trauma releasing process,

  • struggle with physical pain in their muscles and feel a lot of tension in areas like the neck, shoulders, wrists, lower back, and feel stiffness in the body,

  • want to improve their mobility, flexibility and strength through a consistent yoga practice.


Improved mood
& energy levels

stress & anxiety relief,
feeling more relaxed

improved focus,
better efficiency

inner awareness

better sleep quality,

feeling calmer during the day

feeling more balanced
and mentally centered

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