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Everyday Magic is a short book- guide about how to start really enjoying the life we're living, how to find the peace and joy in everyday activities and tasks, how to stay in love with what you already have, how to find magic in everyday life because it is possible if you only open up to it :)

The book also gives You some examples of how to change unhealthy habits and invite a new, healthy routine into your life and how to stop judging yourself and having all those negative thoughts but instead learning to love yourself even more.

This is my little gift to You, the guide that I wrote a few years ago that's been helping me and lots of my clients. I hope You enjoy every page of it and I hope You can find magic in everything you say and do :)


5 chapters

50 pages

+ inspiring quotes in the end

Everyday Magic - You Got the Power to create

£22.00 Regular Price
£15.40Sale Price
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