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The Connection Between Yoga & Chinese Medicine

Both Yoga and Chinese medicine practices focus on a holistic approach to healing the body. ☯

🔹One of the clearest ways Chinese Medicine and yoga are similar is that they both recognize the existence of an energetic life force ~ prana or Qi (气) ~ both systems point to the existence of an energy that pervades everything, including bodily tissues.

🔹In Chinese medicine, the MERIDIANS (energetic pathways 经络) carry this life force. They connect the organs and vital substances like blood and body fluids. Meridians run through skin, muscles, vessels, organs and even bones.

🧘 Through movement, the meridians are compressed, squeezed, opened, or lengthened. This awakens and frees the energy to circulate. The meridians are also associated with specific emotions, such as fear, anger, worry, excitement, etc.

Stimulating these pathways can help us release excessive negative emotions and bring more balance.

🧘‍♂️ Yin Yoga engages in restful, long-held postures, which helps to stimulate the energy pathways- meridians. When we hold each pose for longer periods of time, we are placing a stress on the fascia (connective tissues), which then helps to release any stagnant energy in the muscles. When we focus on deep BREATHING together with a stretching practice, we are allowing the Qi, prana to flow freely, which makes us feel much calmer, peaceful and relaxed from within.

☯ Have you ever tried a yoga practice designed to engage the meridians (or maybe chakras) in the body? Have you ever felt the healing benefits of a slower, deep-stretching yin yoga practice?

If You are open to learning more and experiencing the powerful benefits of Yoga, with the focus on releasing the tension from the body and mind and engaging a smoother energy flow through meridians, go to the contact page , get in touch and I will design an amazing class/program for you to best suit your unique needs!

All the best, Peace, Love & Blessings,


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